What are the benefits of Acu-Care?
When you join Acu-Care your name will be placed in the directories and websites of the payors with whom you chose to sign a contract.  We have contracted for some of the highest, in-network reimbursement rates.  You bill directly to the payor–we do not take a percentage of your reimbursement.  Because you are an in-network provider, your clients will have an incentive to use your services–their out-of-pocket expenses will be reduced by having smaller co-pays and deductibles.

Another benefit of your membership with Acu-Care are the discounts we have negotiated with reputable suppliers and merchants providing a wide array of services and products to support you in your business. 

How will clients find me?
These days, most insurance companies have websites listing contracted in-network providers.  Most clients with insurance coverage will find you on the website of their insurance carrier or affiliated networks.  Anyone looking for an acupuncturist will be able to find acupuncturists contracted with Acu-Care on our website–searchable by city or zip.   

How do I join Acu-Care?
Right here on our website you can simply click on “Join Acu-Care” and read through the 5 steps to learn all about submitting a complete Application.

What will I need to pay to join?
You will need to pay three fees:  $50 for application processing, $300 annual membership, and $60 for a one-time site-inspection fee, payable for each location you will list, treat and bill from. The payment should accompany your application and we would appreciate if you simply send all the payments on one check.  If you wish to pay by Credit Card, please note on your application that you will call with a credit card number for payment.

How long does the Credentialing process take?
The typical credentialing process takes about 8 weeks but can vary depending on the Committee members’ schedules.  Your individual processing time line m
ay also vary depending on where, in this cycle, we receive your application, the completeness your application, your location (for site inspection), and how quickly you respond to requests for missing materials.  We will make every attempt to include you in the very next Committee meeting after all your documents have been reviewed and verified.   In some instances we will schedule additional meetings to accommodate providers as necessary.