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APPLICATION: Make sure the application is signed and dated. If you make any errors make sure you initial any changes. W9: Use the Name and or Business name you use on your tax returns. Use either your EIN or your Social Security number–NOT BOTH. PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY:  Professional Liability must provide coverage of 1 Million each occurrence and 3 Million aggregate. GENERAL OFFICE LIABILITY: General Office Liability must provide coverage of 1 Million each occurrence and 2 Million aggregate and must show the address covered. CV/RESUME’: CV/Resumé must show employment back five years and indicated by “From Month/Year and To Month/Year”. If you are a recently approved acupuncturist and have not been practicing for 5 years include your internship or other activities and employment you were involved with at that time. OTHER: If you make any errors on any of the documents and correct the error, remember to initial the change to indicate it was authorized by you.