We are pleased that you are interested in renewing your membership with ACU-CARE, the only network owned and operated by Acupuncturists, where you’ll get fair reimbursement rates and supplier and merchant discounts with caring customer service.

Please submit the following documents (Re-Credentialing Application, Authorization and Release, Credit Card Form) and a copy of your updated Malpractice and Liability Insurance Policy to info@acucare.com to renew your membership with Acu-Care.

Acu-Care – ReCredentialing Application

Acu-Care – Authroization and Release

Credit Card Form

Effective December 1, 2019:
Late Payments & Termination:  Acu-Care Members have an Annual Membership Due Date and Fee.  Paperwork and payment should be received in our office in a timely manner in meeting this obligation per Acu-Care’s Provider Agreement. A Late Fee of $50.00 will be applied to your account.  Any payments not made within the specified period of 30 calendar days from the due date will result in a notice of termination from Acu-Care. It is to your benefit to notify us as soon as possible if you have any concerns regarding your account. 

Acu-Care Credentialing Coordinator: info@acucare.com
Acu-Care Business Office: acucare@acucare.com